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    Default Yellow House Book

    Went to the Amphur today to apply for the yellow house book. Besides the usual documents, marriage certificate, legalised copy of passport etc they also require a photo of the wife and I with the house in the background. They also want a legalised copy of my birth certificate stating the names of my parents etc. As my British birth certificate does not state my parents details they showed me a copy of a sworn oath by a New Zealander, stamped by the Embassy and the Thai ministry of Foreign affairs. Just more red tape but has any one done this and do you have a template or an example I can copy from.

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    Each amphur has different rules for the Yellow Tabian Ban. I didn't need a birth certificate to get mine or my parents names or anything from foreign Affairs or the embassy. I doubt there is a template, other than the one in a brown envelope.

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    Every Amphur have their own rules/requirements, there is no set template or application form. They seem to make it as difficult as possible. You will have to give them what they ask for.
    When I applied for mine I was asked for -
    1. An embassy certified translation of passport with letter stating that I was a British Citizen.
    2. Parent names in Thai Script.
    3. Copies of visa from passport.
    4. Passport size photos.
    5. Copies of GirlFriend's house book and ID card

    I am not married so did not require marriage certificate or photos with wife.
    I did not fancy a visit to the British Embassy in Bangkok so I had my passport translated by an online service, they also translated my parents names, I also supplied a residence certificate from immigration.
    After numerous visits and rejections they eventually agreed to give me a yellow book. I had to bring my GF and the village "headman" Poo Yai baan. They also gave me the "pink Thai ID card"
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    Mine was pretty straight forward and were very helpfull, no brown envelope involved, no extra stuff, just an Iced coffee, which I was getting one myself and asked if they would like one

    Full story on page one of this thread

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