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    Default Pattaya to Airport by Taxi - How Long

    The Mrs will be returning home on Wednesday week. She needs to be at Suvarnabhumi around 10am and will be arranging a car through her hotel. What time do you think would be ok to leave ? I was thinking about 07:30/08:00, is that to early ??
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    I would err on the side of caution and make it 07:00 am especially with the chance of heavy rain etc.

    I had a really slow journey last year due to a thunderstorm
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    google maps is brilliant now i just googled that journey and it says 1 hour 30 mins by car and that would be setting off at half one in the morning maybe try at various times say 12.00 am UK time and 1.00 am UK time for a few days remember thore weekend travel and holidays might take a little longer and then there is always a chance of a accident .I think ash has it about right 7.00 am double the normal travel travel just in case .

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    i would say 7.30 - 8am is ample time, for a 10am check in with a 1pm flight.

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