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    Default Thai Lady & UK Son Visa Status

    Hi Everybody, not been posting for a fair time (8 years but looking everyday)
    A Thai friend of my wife has some problems at home and the outcome may be a separation.
    She has been in the UK about 9-10 years and has a UK born boy (7 years old) to her UK Husband.
    Her English is very poor and cannot read the written word so has never passed any English test.
    She has a Residence Permit from 25-05-2018 to 25-05-2021 which states LEAVE TO REMAIN-- WORK PERMITTED.
    If she separates from her UK Husband and her UK Son is with her what would her UK Visa Status be.
    Thanks for any advice you can give
    Victor J

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    I thought someone would have answered this thread by now.....

    I'm no expert these days but I would have assumed that if her visa (residence permit) expires 25-05-2021 she is fine no matter the marital status. having a son born in the UK with a British father further gives her certain rights.
    Just advise her to not leave it to the last min though to seek legal advice.
    Judging others before you have met isn't a wise option.

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    Thanks ian208,
    I did think that was still the case for my wife's friend Visa Status and you have just confirmed my hope.
    Because the UK immigration seem to be be looking for any reason to remove people the UK I was worried that they had moved the goal posts in the last 8 years since I had looked at the UK Visa requirements.
    So Thanks again for the information that will ease her mind somewhat.
    Victor J
    ps;- that martial situation has improved for the moment but as it was caused by mental heath issues it will most likely crop up again.

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