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    Default Phone ,computer ,etc when moving to los

    As i am completely disinterested in technology my usage of a mobile phone consists of calls and txt. Much the same with a computer just used for browsing the internet and a few purchases. I have the ability to use technology (work as shift controller in utility company in London) i just cant be bothered. As i am hoping to move to LOS later this year i realize i will need to sort out a phone ,computer/tablet etc .What are the easiest or most suitable options ?. i will be buying a TV etc from local shop and will ask him about options for watching sport etc through the internet (in uk ive got an app on fire stick gives me sport,movies etc).
    Any advice gratefully accepted.

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    That would depend on what you want?
    First of all why, dont you bring some of your stuff with you, phone and computer wont have an issue working in Thailand

    But I you want to buy, there are a lot of reputable places to buy good gear, Apple has just opened an official store at IconSiam and there is also Studio7, I have had stuff from them before

    All the other makes and Brands are in IconSiam and also in Emporium, Siam and other major shopping places.

    As for TV's the places above also sell good makes, but you can also get named TV's from places like Big C and Tesco Lotus


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    If you buy a telly from a shop like bigC they will unpacked it and install it and set it up for you. Local TV is utter crap of course unless you spend a lot on true services, and then it's poor value for money. Get a smart TV and stick to the internet on it, downloading never seems to be a problem here as the legalities are ignored.

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    Thanks guys , ive decided to buy a tv over there ,ill get the internet set up on it , ive got a decent laptop so i can connect that. with regards to phone do i need a sim card from thailand on a phone from Uk .

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    Quote Originally Posted by robert d View Post
    with regards to phone do i need a sim card from thailand on a phone from Uk .
    Yes, but you'll first need to be sure your phone isn't sim locked. If you purchased your phone from, or were given it free by, your UK mobile provider, you'll need to call them to check whether it is able to be used with SIM cards from another provider (sim-free).

    A sim-free phone can be taken from the UK to Thailand and used with a Thai sim card.
    Paul พอล

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