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    Quote Originally Posted by Essex boys View Post
    Hi steve187, thanks for your replies, in answer to your first reply I'm 59 policies seem to jump a bit when you are 60 and over, I checked with bangkok bank and the 17,000 baht is for inpatient cover only, if I want outpatient cover as well it takes the total policy price to 27,000 baht, its still cheaper than the ones in the link you provided, but I'm now hearing that if your health insurance isn't from one of the companies suggested in that link, the immigration are not accepting the policy as having proof of cover.....this is hearsay and I don't know of anyone that has experienced this personally so no idea how true it is. I'm going to go to immigration in khon kaen and ask whether the bangkok bank health insurance is acceptable.
    many thanks
    so 10,000 baht for how much out patient cover, seems a good price the companies listed on the link i gave its high 50,000 thb for 61 +

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    Well, got another response from a company called Luma, they have got me a quote of 44,600 thb annually I also had a quote from 'Pacific cross' for 35,986 thb annually, I asked 'Luma' if they could match it but they responded by saying it was already the cheapest they could make it, to be fair to luma their plan seemed to cover all the major hospitals across the whole of Thailand whereas 'Pacific cross' didn't seem to cover as many cities....anyway that's how it stands at the moment, would be nice to get some input from others on here looking for health insurance...

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    Steve187, the extra 10,000 is for the 40,000 thb outpatient cover, seems reasonable enough to me but I still need to check that immigration will accept the policy as it is not on the 'recommended ' list

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    I have heard others recommend Pacific Cross...

    Having seen how much someone spent on cancer treatment in LOS this year (over 1.5m THB) these types of policies for ex-pats are essential!

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