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    Default Reactivating Old Bank Account, Residency Permit.


    First question is can i reactivate my bank account, the two accounts i have are Bank of AYUDHYA & Bangkok Bank. Not been used for about 8 years. Could i transfer some money from the U.K. to one of these accounts would that reactivate it?

    Last year when we went back to Thailand i forgot my passbooks and visiting friends, family i just did not get the time to go into a bank to open an account, and walking around with large sums of money is not great. I could of got a prepaid visa or something in the uk but these are expensive as well as my uk bank charges.

    Also how easy is it to get a residency permit? im married to a thai & we have dual nationality children together. I travel on a 90 day O-Visa . What documents would i need? ive read around, but lots of people are telling me different things.


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    I think your accounts will have been closed, so don't send money to them as it could well end up getting lost in the system.
    Bangkok Bank were pretty good when I contacted them about an issue I had whilst I was in the UK. Try contacting them

    As far as a residency permit is concerned, I'm not sure what that is to be honest. Do you mean a certificate of residence? Most immigration offices would require you to be on an extension issued by them in order to get one (although some may issue it to you). You can, if you're on a Non-Imm type visa get an affirmation of residence from the British Embassy in Bangkok

    Here's their guide https://assets.publishing.service.go..._residency.pdf
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    Unlikely the Bank accounts would be still active after not being used for 8 years, I would nt try to put money in until you know for certain it would be accepted.
    As far as I know you would need to be resident in Thailand for at least 3 years prior to applying for a Residence Permit (Visa) and they used to be limited to 100 persons per nationality.
    However you can apply for a Extension of an Non-Immigrant "O" Visa based on marriage (legally) to a Thai national if you had a 90 day Non-Immigrant "O" Visa.
    Does your Wife own a property ? (for an address) you will need a Bank account (active) in you're own name (not joint) you will need to apply at the Immigration office that covers your address IE mine is Cheangwattana Immigration Complex (CIC) as my address is in BKK. Each immigration office may want to see different documents / evidence, CIC issue up to date flyers detailing what they want. They all want to see a Marriage Certificate and possibly Kor Ror 2 (did nt have last year, but did this year) need a Spouse for an interview, need 400,000 baht in the Bank (no idea how that works with a 90 visa) for 2 / 3 months, they wanted the bankbook updated on the day of application and I have to do the same when I go back for the results IE if it dips below 400,000 will be no extension. 6 months statements from Thai Bank (I took they kept) Photos outside address Complex, photo me and Mrs outside the door showing number and again inside. TM 7 filled out with photo added (passport size) TM 6, hand drawn sketch of where the address is (by Mrs) last year wanted a Map and Floor Plan, Photocopies of Passport pages, copy of my Thai ID card (dont think its necessary) Photocopy of my (yellow) house book, copies of Mrs blue house book, ID card and Passport (Thai, did not keep last year) 1,900 baht in Cash (Non-Refundable)
    If you dont have these can still get a 12 months Multi-Entry Non-Immigrant in Cambodia / Laos (Savannakhet) without showing financials (atm) I had a couple from Singapore but needed to show financial evidence.
    PS if did get the "O" Extension, to keep it alive if you went out of Thailand you will need a Re-Entry Permit prior to going out, that is either single or multi-entry, mine was ME but ended the day my Extension expired.
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