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    Default ILR Sponsor out of country

    Hi All,

    The good wife’s ILR is due imminently 2/7/19, we have been gathering all the information we need for her application and reading the old guidance notes pre all online applications to make sure we aren’t missing anything.

    I have just had a minor meltdown after reading a section regarding time allowed out of the country, is this applicable to the Applicant only or the Sponsor (me) also??

    I have been working outside of the EU on an adhoc basis since January 2019 and I am currently enroute for another 4-6 weeks away potentially. On completion of the above I will have had 104 days out of the UK in 2019.

    As always your advice and guidance would be very much appreciated.


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    I can’t answer your question but you will find up to date guidance for ILR online. The FLR guidance was updated in April 2019 and I would bet they did the same for ILR.

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