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    Question Re-entry into UK - Spouse visa

    Hi everyone, wife is here in UK on a spouse / settlement visa with a BRP that is valid until late July 2020 and her passport is valid until Sep 2021. It's looking as though she may have to return to LOS quite soon for family reasons and it could be for an indeterminate period of time, possibly as much as 3 months or more!

    Now, I've always thought that as long as she seeks re-entry back into the UK within the validity of her BRP / settlement visa and there is no reason to suspect that she will overstay, then there can be no reason for her to be refused re-entry at UK passport control regardless of how long she has been out of the country (UK).

    However, her friend's, friend (yep) has her convinced that if she is out of the UK for 3 months or more that immigration / passport control will refuse her entry and she would have to go back to Thailand and apply for another visa. That doesn't sound right to me but she swears that it happened to somebody!!

    I seem to remember that something similar to this query has been raised previously but I cannot find that thread and neither can I find any any info or comprehensive answer anywhere else.

    All comments / useful pointers gratefully received.

    Allan & Nuy

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    Have just found the thread dating back to December 2013 where I asked a similar question. A couple of responses back then suggested that there shouldn't be a problem with re-entry to the UK and there wasn't. However, this time I am specifically concerned about the length of time spent outside the UK and potential problems at the port of entry back into the UK. Not worried about impact on ILR but purely whether the time spent outside the UK would give immigration / passport control the right to refuse entry within the validity of her BRP. Cheers

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    No expert, but as far as I have read there is no limit to the time out of the UK, but you would need to convince the ECO that she is residing in the UK and explain why she left for so long...

    Like I said, that's just my opinion and could be way off

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    When Mon's mother passed away a 3 week trip turned into about 4 months. Nothing was even mentioned when she returned.
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