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    RSS Feed Durian fetches almost $50,000 at auction in Thailand

    A piece of luxury durian fruit sells for a whopping $48,000 at a charity auction in Thailand.

    Read full article ...

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    Wifey has been trying to get a hold of some recently and even at the Thai festival in Warwick they were all sold before we got there. Unfortunately looks like it's rarity is causing price increases and less availability!

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    I wonder if they were given exclusive rights to eat it in the lift, unlike the rest of us who crave to eat durian in a lift yet are restricted due to the many signs and threats of fines.

    Honestly, I get cravings to eat durian in a lift so badly that I've often thought about taking a snack pack into a hotel...

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    Mrs recently paid 1,000 baht for some Durian for her Mother, when I quizzed her about the alarming amount of dosh for some pieces of Durian I was told she wanted her Mom to "eat nice Durian" turns out it was Duff, i lll stick to the cheaper stuff in the local market. I said should buy some for 200 baht and transfer me 800 baht and get the same result, everyone's a winner.
    bangkok mags

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    Smells of a financial crash...

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