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    Default Recommend Taxi from BKK Pattaya

    Hi, not been on for a while but my time is caught up on studying now doing a degree. Been out of school a while so find it harder than the younger generation.

    Anyway can any one recommend a good taxi from BKK to Pattaya as we are holidaying end of July.


    Nec Aspera Terrent

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    Try this, its a Pattaya based taxi service, a mate of mine used to use him all the time he came to Thailand, he picked him from the airport and took him to Pattaya, then brought him back to the airport at the end of his leave, 1000 THB one way

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    There used to be a Pattaya based taxi firm called Mr T - based in Soi Dianna just off LK Metro. Haven't used them for a while since I mostly hire rental cars nowadays but I must have used them on a fairly regular basis for about 8 years. Always very reliable and most drivers spoke very reasonable English. Again, the fare always remained at 1000B one way, for all the time that I used them.

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    Used this guy for 15+ years. Never let me down. Mr Toom

    1200 baht Bkk to Pattaya includes all tolls.

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