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    Default Non immigrant OA visa at Thai embassy London

    Hi all, not sure if you can only apply online now or if you can still go to the embassy in person, whichever way it is now, how do you show proof of funds in uk account, are they happy with downloaded bank statements or if you visit in person can you go to an ATM and get a mini statement from machine, or can you log onto banking app and show them a screenshot of account.....looks like I'm going to make the visa application in October having taken early retirement last month.
    any help much appreciated
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    From what I understand the initial application has to be done on line,you can not apply in person.
    For OA visa you also need police clearance and medical certificate. I think they will accept downloaded bank statements. All the documents then have to be uploaded to the Embassy. You will then have a choice of either mailing your passport along with your application document which will contain a barcode, or you can make an appointment to take your passport to the Embassy in person. It is not clear if you take passport in person whether it is done on same day or you might have to go back another day to collect your passport.

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