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    Default Advice Please - Visit Visa Refusal

    Just after any advice please?

    We have just received a refusal letter after applying for a UK Visit Visa for my Thai partner of 2 years to come and visit me for a month in the UK. The refusal letter listed 2 reasons for refusal as the following:

    "You state that you live in Udon Thani are unemployed and have no savings of your own. You have declared that you received a regular income from your family of xxx Thai Baht. You have provided various land documents and deeds however these documents do not satisfactorily evidence your financial circumstances as there is no indication how you receive any revenue from these properties. The documents also do not indicate the source of the regular income stated in your application and therefore i am not satisfied about the circumstances surrounding your finances in Thailand"

    "You have provided an account statement for Bangkok Bank Account xxxx. Whilst i acknowledge the funds present in your account, i note that the transactions made to this account do not correspond with your stated annual income. The documents provided do not satisfactorily evidence the source of these funds. These discrepancies lead to doubts as to whether the closing balance of your account forms an accurate picture of your personal circumstances or that these monies are genuinely available to you"

    Now when i completed the original Visa Application Form - there was a section for Employment followed by Income and Expenditure - now i presumed the money which i send my partner would be regarded as income, so i completed the application with that understanding, so i entered:

    What is your employment status? - Unemployed
    Do you have any other income or any savings? - Other regular income
    What kind of regular income do you have? - Allowance or regular money from your family
    Total amount that you get in a year - xxxx Thai Baht
    How much money are you planning to spend on your visit to the UK? - £xxxx
    What is the total amount of money you spend each month? - xxxx Thai Baht

    For supporting evidence i included all the remittances for money transfers i had made into my partners Bangkok Bank - which matched her bank statement, and also matched the exact figure i gave for her "other regular income" We also made no references anywhere about receiving any income from her properties because she does not.
    In both our covering letters i also stated that i send my partner a regular payment to her Bangkok bank every month. I also included a sponsors letter stating i would cover ALL her costs for this visit.

    So is it because i selected the "Other regular income" and "Allowance or regular money from your family" which has caused this problem? On our next attempt for a visa should i select No Income and reiterate the point that the payments into her account are from my documented transfers?

    Any advice or suggestions would be gratefully accepted.

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    Thought you would have had reply to this already
    When we did ours we put unemployed then went on to explained that I fully supported her and showed my bank statements which compared with her bank book. We also put in that she didn't need to have money for the holiday as i was paying for everything. I assume she has a good reason to return as that's the usual reason for refusal
    Its a shame you didn't find this forum before you put the application as there is so much info here.

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