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    Default Changing my wife's ID to her married name

    Hi All.

    If a mod needs to move this I understand but it seems that many people who have been through the UK visa system might have more knowledge about this as many have probably done it.

    My wife went to her local Amphur today to change her maiden name to her married surname on her ID card. They told her that she needs a Thai translation of our UK marriage certificate and that she needs a British Consulate seal.

    Knowing that a lot of Amphurs seem to give out different info can anybody who has done this confirm that it's correct please? Thanks.

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    Anybody please?

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    I think you've answered your own question. Different amphur offices have different requirements, and they make it up as they go along. If that's what that person in that office said on that day, then that's what you need to do. You could try dealing with someone else in the same office, or offering some "coffee money", but that would be tossing a coin to make things worse or solve the problem. Heads or tails? There is absolutely no right or wrong, black or white, it's all a murky shade of grey, and they're all different.

    Infuriating? Welcome to Thailand
    Paul พอล

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