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    Default Flight Delay Compensation

    I recently travelled back from BKK with Qatar Airways. My flight to Doha was delayed which meant I would miss my connection to BHX. I was rebooked on a later flight which meant I had a 6 hour delay in Doha. Qatar say no compensation is due as

    " in the event of flight delays, we will reroute / rebook affected passengers to the destination indicated on the ticket by our own earliest available scheduled services"

    Is this correct or are they just fobbing me off? Any advice welcome.

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    They are correct, had the been on the way TO BKK you would be entitled to €600 compensation. But because they are not an EU carrier, you are not entitle to EC261/2004 compensation. Had yo flown with BA or AY et then you would have been entitled to €600 compensation.

    Qatar are terrible at giving compensation, even when legally obliged to.
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    We travelled with Malaysia Airlines last year. I'll bullet point the journey.
    1. The outbound journey failed to pick up my request for a veggie meal for the wife and had nothing to offer in contrast, so she had no meal for 12 hours.
    2. They emailed to say our return flight had been delayed 48 hours and didn't bother calling. When I rang to complain I went through over four agents in order to speak with a manager to try and rearrange it yet received no alternative.
    3. Delayed 6 hours on the connecting flight and given 200 baht between us and a child to spend at the airport in vouchers.

    When I got home I emailed all the details and received 1000 air miles as compensation, between three of us.

    I fully appreciate the difficulties airlines often have but the aftercare service is dealt with along the lines're home now, we have your cash, end of.

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    We also had an in-flight entertainment screen that didn't work on the outbound flight and they couldn't do a thing about it.

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    Tobias has give you his expert advice ,
    maybe a little tact with a email along the lines praising them on there 5 star airline and you are a little disappointed with the delay and saying you travel this route often you might get some sort of token ie air miles .
    Long story but in short i wanted to extend a stay in Thailand at Manchester the desk had already extended it by a week (it was 6 in the morning ) only to be told when i wanted to extend it by another 10 days while in Thailand that it was a promo flight i had and could not change it i used this tact and the fact that it had already been done in Manchester poor women bet she got a telling off anyway they did agree eventually to let me change the dates i think it was around the £70 mark to do .

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