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Thread: No visa/working

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    Quote Originally Posted by -Keith- View Post
    It is your opinion. Far better to let a court decide.
    I do not agree the family courts i know are useless and will always go with the female ,in fact the family courts in the UK are a joke and a complete overhaul of them is needed i have not seen my kids for 10 years due to these Muppet S and is it cascaf what useless tools they ARE .The end of the day its only the children suffer and you some Muppet being paid thousands dose not give a toss about you or your kids .
    And i have seen that .and believe me the look i gave my exs solicitor i could not repeat now her gloating and arrogance evil women .

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    These stories are more and more common these days. Very sad.
    Judging others before you have met isn't a wise option.

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