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    Default The best way to learn Thai?

    Hello Everyone,

    I recently got married to Rose (Thai) in June, we've been together for 2 yrs now......
    I've picked up a lot of Thai through my wife over the past 2 to tell the time, count to a million, mai chai, MAI TONG!!, jing loh.....jing ka blah blah blah....

    I made a promise to Yai (Grandmother) that in 2 yrs I will hopefully be able to have a decent conversation with her......and also the rest of her immediate family...

    So my question to everyone is how did you learn Thai? did you use a Tutor? did you use your wife? did you use a proper language course? Rosetta Stone or Thaipod 101 or anything like that....There's so many resources out there that all pronounce to be the best, so many methods out there.....

    I just want to hear some really good recommendations as I would like to be able to talk, read & write Thai at least to a level that my wife is at with her English (B1) over the next 2 yrs.....I have childrens Thai Alphabet posters on my wall and a couple of Thai alphabet apps on my phone

    Any experiences/help would be greatly received.....

    Thanks in advance...


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    Learn a little bit each day? I used Linguaphone. That dates me. Is it even still around? I still remember Thawat the taxi driver...

    You could concentrate on food vocabulary. Perhaps it's just my own experience but a lot of conversations seem to be about food, money, Thai TV soaps and stars and gossip. My Thai's probably not good enough to say this but I don't think there are lots of quirky Seinfeld conversations around (see Thai soaps and drum rolls, etc).

    I guess if you're able to ask grandmother about what it was like growing up when she was young, what her daughter was like, etc, you get out of that food-TV zone though! Older people are more interesting.

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    The book + audio versions of Thai for beginners, Thai for Intermediate series from Paiboon Publishing is very good. They teach reading and writing too.

    Also depends where the family are from too. If they're from isaan it may be worth learning some of the isaan dialect as they won't talk to each other in "central Thai"

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