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    Default Visa nearly expired

    Hi all, my wifes Flr expires on 24th August 2019, and the Ilr was applied for and appointment attended on 7th June 2019. In the meantime we have heard nothing from them and wonder if there is any contact address ,e mail address I can chase them up on .
    I feel confident about the application ,but I suppose she will be illegally here in a few days and am wondering if she has any problems at her employers in the fact her visa has run out .

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    She won't be here illegally as her visa application is in the system.

    Out of interest did you receive any kind of acknowledgement when the application was completed at the appointment? My wife had her appointment last week but haven't had an email or anything

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    As you applied for a new visa before your old one expired, your immigration status will stay the same until you get a decision. Meaning, you can legally stay and work in the UK, as your current leave has been extended until you receive a decision.

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    Hi,no we havent heard anything since the appointment two and half months ago

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    From what i remember my dil waited about 3 months with very little imput from the other side.

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