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    Furious VFS website for uploading documents a warning

    Trying to upload documents for a visa on the VFS website is a nightmare. It keeps saying there has been an error and to log in again and upload again. When you look at the documents you have uploaded to check them only half of them appear so I gave up.

    Thought it would be best to go to one of the VFS centers in the UK and get them to scan all my documents in for me for a fee of £75.

    Got back home and made an appointment at Soi13 and the printout confirmation only shows the documents I uploaded myself so now I don't know whether all my documents will be sent to The Entry Clearance Officer or just the half I uploaded myself.

    Might have just flushed the best part of £3000 down the drain all because of VFS.

    You have been warned!!

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    VFS have always been a pain. I had big big trouble with them in 2009 they did me no favours then. Spain used them until last year and changed to BLS who are no better. The complete setup is not fit for purpose. If I ran my business like them I would be broke in a month.

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    The other option is to send the documents to Thailand (email them to be printed out there) and they can be scanned for free at the VFS place in Bangkok (Suk Soi13)
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    Some interesting and depressing details on VFS.
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