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    Default UK Application for Thai Visit Visa - HELP

    A little bit of help required please guys.

    I'm applying for a Thai visit visa on their new wonderful online system and it is so much more of a ballsache than the old paper system.

    On top of all the extra questions being asked at the end there is a list of documents you must supply.

    Now most of them are of course straight forward but #7 has me scratching my head and just wondering if it this usual Thai to UK translation that makes this a bit iffy to read (or it's just me).

    Can someone confirm that I am thinking this correctly.
    Is it saying that I only need to do this IF I am not a British subject (as my supplied passport will show and tht I am applying from the UK)


    Do I need to supply proof (whatever that might be) that I am legally resident here.

    Sorry, just pulling my hair out at the hoops to jump through now just for a holiday.

    Thanks for any help.

    1 Biodata page of Passport or Travel Document

    2 Photograph (taken within the last six months. If the photograph does not reflect your current appearance you may be refused to enter the Kingdom of Thailand.)

    3 Declaration

    4 Travel booking confirmation

    5 Proof of accommodation in Thailand, e.g. Accommodation bookings, invitation letters from family/friends in Thailand

    6 Financial evidence, e.g. bank statements, proof of earnings, sponsorship letter

    7 Confirmation of legal residence in a country in which you are applying for the visa. (In case that you are not a national of the country in which you are applying for the visa.)
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    I'm reading it like yourself. I would have thought that supplying your passport (1.) would also answer 7. also ?

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    "(In case that you are not a national of the country in which you are applying for the visa.)"
    But you are, don't need that then.
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    If, for example, you were Australian and applying from here, they want proof of residence.
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    Thanks for the replies gents.

    OK, so first I am not going mad then, that's what I thought.

    But second, you MUST supply a document, it is a required upload.

    So what do I upload?

    - - - - - - - u p d a t e d - - - - - - -

    OK guys panic over.

    I have just received an e-mail, it didn't answer my question it just pointed me to the FAQ, which don't help. BUT, it did have a phone number under all the usual garbage that comes at the bottom of an e-mail, so I just phoned it and got lucky as someone answered it straight away.

    I briefly told her what I was trying to apply for a visa and this very nice woman said, not her job but would help if she could.

    After explaining in detail she said that she knew this and what I need to do if I was Thai would be to upload my ID card, but as British people do not have ID then they require the passport photo page to be uploaded again (already done once in the application).

    So there you go people, just in case anyone else is a thick as me
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