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    Brick wall Renewing my wife's visa after 2.5 years

    Hi all,

    Sorry if this is going over old ground but I have searched and can't seem to find much info on the renewal process for spouse visas. Is there a Frogster guide for the renewal process? Am I right in saying that my wife needs to pass the LITUK A2 test before she can apply to renew? Passing the A1 took three attempts so I am nervous about this (even though she has been in the country 2 years and her English is better than it was). Is there an official book for this test? I can't seem to find that anywhere either!

    Oy vey, I had forgotten what a ball-ache all this visa stuff is.



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    The LITUK test and A2 are two different things. The LITUK is needed for ILR not FLRM but yes she'll need the A2
    In addition to the English test the FLRM is more about providing evidence that you are still living together so you'll need to upload documents addressed to you jointly and or individually at the same address covering the period since the last visa

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    Much appreciated

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    The online application form should give you information on the evidence you need to provide.

    You can start to fill it now and come back to it whenever you want as it auto saves your progress.
    when completed, it will give you a full documents checklist at the end. Then you will need to book an appointment at a UKVCAS centre to have biometrics done and your documents scanned, or you can upload the docs yourself to the UKVCAS website.

    Toddmeister is correct, your wife will need A2 speaking and listening for FLR.

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    I think she will find the A2 much more easier than the A1 she took in Bangkok my wife only just scraped through the A1 but after 2 and half years in the UK she by passed the A2 and did her B1 which she breezed through so if the goalpost do not move she is now set for ILR .
    I am sure the wife has got her workbooks for the test if you want to PM me i will gladly post them to you .

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    What Samsung says is right and my wife did exactly that back in April. Instead of A2 she did the B1 test so she is good for ILR if the government don't change the rules again.

    Go to the following YouTube link that shows A2 and B1 links to view sample videos:

    Make sure you download the FM-SE guidelines that go with the FLR application. It ls not mentioned anywhere on the application.

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    Thanks mate, I have bought the test book for 25 quid already but greatly appreciate the offer

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