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    Default Is it worth shipping your things due to taxes and hassle?

    Hi all,

    I have just joined, been contacting removal companies and shipping companies and already I am worried about the costs v selling as much as I can and just buying new in Thailand.

    I would love to hear your experiences, I have read a couple of the threads and some seem to be just winging it and hoping they don't get caught out, that's fine I guess but I will have a lot of electrical items which I understand they tax high as regarded as luxury items. I have had a quote of around £750 for about 20 boxes although I might be able to get this down when I do it for real if it comes to that.

    I am mostly worried about the taxes as if it starts going over 1k its not worth it, most of it is Hi-Fi electricals, computers and tools. When I go next I will take as many of the smaller electricals in my suitcase but as I say really not sure what to do?

    Many thanks all.


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    This only applies if your married. I shipped most of my stuff to Thailand including Computer, Monitors TV and other electrical items and tools. Put all the shipping documents in my wife's name as a returning resident. So no Tax problems. We used Seven Seas which gave us a lot of good advice and stored the container free for two months until the house was ready

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    Same experience as Ivan. Put everything in the bosses name, shipped from London to Phuket (over land from BKK to Phuket), no taxes to pay and had PC, Hi Fi, TV etc in their. Don't worry about it.


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