Planning ahead a bit here, never a bad idea.

For my wifes FLR application we will be combining incomes with cash savings. I have read all the guidance but still can not decide if we meet the requirement. Any advice appreciated.

Here is a list of how I would like to meet the requirement.

£10,600 from salaried employment - 6 months evidence

£5,400 from non-salaried - employment more than 6 months (hourly pay which varies every month) - 6 or 12 months required???

The remaining £2,600 requirement covered by stocks and shares ISA, FSA regulated UK broker. (more than £22,500 would cover the £2,600 shortfall). I would have 6 months statements from the broker showing the required amount for 6 months prior to application. The official guidance says "In a personal bank account" - but contradicts itself in other parts saying in a stocks and share account is acceptable???

thank's in advance