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    Default Child Settlement Visa for wife with UK citizenship

    Hi could anyone clarify the following please:

    My wife has UK Citizenship & passport after the 5 year route and we wish to bring her 10 year old daughter from Thailand to settle here with us in the UK.

    We've filled in the online VAF4A form, VAF4A Appendix 1 and the SU07/12 sponsorship form.

    The questions are brief and there is no mention of why we want to bring her now / not before.

    - Should we add additional information in the form box 'any additional information' ?
    - Do we need to show proof of financial support sent to her temporary carer?
    - Proof of regular contact / primary decision maker?
    - All of the information I can find out seems to relate to parents that have FLR or ILR status, it seems much simpler as my wife is 'Settled / has citizenship' - is that the case?

    Many thanks

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    If child’s father is alive, then see also Information on sole responsibility.

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