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Thread: Returning BRP

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    Default Returning BRP

    Hi guys,

    Just a quick query. Do you have to return your old BRP in the post?
    My wife is adamant you have to return it but nowhere on any correspondance does it say we need to send it back. wifey is saying we will be fined up to £1000 for not returning it!!


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    i am not sure on this someone will come along and give you the right advice ,But if anything like my wife a £1 returning it could well be worth it less yak yak and earache .

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    Haha that’s very true!

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    Hi Walshie,

    The wife recently received her ILR BRP, the Home Office letter that arrived separately states "you must return any BRP that is no longer valid either because your right to remain has expired or it has been superseded by a further grant."

    It advises to cut the old card into quarters and post in a plain, windowless envelope to; BRP Returns, P.O. Box 195, Bristol, BS20 1BT if you are returning from within the U.K.

    It does also mention you may be subject to a financial penalty of upto £1000 if you fail to return your old BRP - not sure how they can enforce that though as you could claim it was lost in the post if you did fail to return it?

    Hope that helps.

    Pete & Kob

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    Cheers pete,

    I will send it back as per your letter. Although this is begining to concern me that we have a letter missing. We received this email:

    "Dear walshies wife,

    I’m pleased to confirm that your application for leave to remain as a Spouse has now been granted. You will receive the decision letter and biometric residence permit (BRP) in due course and these will confirm your immigration status.

    Thank you for using our online service.

    Kind regards"

    and the home office letter with the new BRP attached. Should we have received a confirmation of a decision as a seperate letter?

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    Hi Walshie,

    When we received the BRP it was acompanied by a 1 page letter which contained brief information about the BRP etc. It also mentions we should receive another letter from the Home Office advising a decision on your application has been made, this duly arrived the day after the BRP, it was this letter which explains what to do with your old BRP.

    We haven't received any email correspondence about this visa application, in fact the only email we have ever had was when we submitted our online application.

    Is your wife's BRP FLR or ILR? I would have thought all applications and correspondence be standard and we all receive the same but obviously not.

    The plot thickens. . .

    Pete & Kob

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    Thanks for the assistance Pete. It transpired that we were missing an additional document which arrived today. The paper is dated 22nd October so nearly 2 weeks late in getting here for some reason. The application is FLR (M)

    Just to clarify;
    We received an email confirming approval of the visa
    Received BRP in the post 2 days later
    2 weeks later again we received a letter saying application has been approved and BRP will follow shortly!!

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