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    Default How to arrange documents for VFS Thailand - spouse visa

    We plan to apply for a spouse visa (unmarried partner) through VFS in Thailand, and will use their scanning service.

    VFS Thailand website has the guideline for documents for scanning by post below.

    1. "Documents should be organised into two categories. Each category should have a corresponding TITLE SHEET at the front of the category of documents as follows: Category 1 - Customer’s Documents; Category 2 - Sponsor’s Documents. Within each section you may separate each relevant document using paper clips.

    The following is an example of the required documents under each heading:

    • TITLE SHEET stating “Category 1- Customer’s Documents (all documents related to the person applying for a UK visa)”
    • The first page of the applicant’s Visa Application Form
    • Annexure II
    • Employment
    • Financial
    • Accommodation
    • Educational
    • Tuberculosis
    • Additional Documents (passport copy/ remaining pages of the application form/any other documents)
    • TITLE SHEET stating “Category 2- Sponsor’s Documents
    • Sponsor’s details (passport/Government issued identification/bank accounts/employment letters/payslips/accommodation/sponsor’s declaration/support letter etc.)
    • Relationship Proof (marriage certificates/birth certificates/proof of contact/travel history, proof of communications or contact)"

    The question is if we have the sequence of documents, for example the evidence of akin to marriage part that cover the span of 2 years. Which chronological order should we arrange into, or does it matter?

    Also on VFS Thailand website under Document Scanning Assistance page mentioned
    "Your documents will be arranged using the required barcode separators"
    Does anyone know how to get this barcode separators print out?

    Thank you

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    When my wife and I went through VFS in Bangkok (June 2019) for our Settlement Visa application, they gave us a handful of (around 5 or 6) Titled Barcoded sheets. For my particular visa I had to ask them for a couple more barcode sheets as they weren't all present there. We were lucky as we arrived around 30 mins before our appointment and it gave me plenty of time to destroy my nice organized folder and separate them under the correct sheets supplied. If you are really confident that you have the required evidence for the visa just take your time placing them under the correct barcodes. There was also a couple of VFS staff walking around that I grabbed a few times for assistance i.e. Where does this piece of paper need to go under etc. After our appointment I was concerned at my folder now being totally disorganised by VFS and out of order from my supporting letter. I was told not to worry too much as the ECO's are now use to receiving the supporting evidence like something resembling a Primark sale arriving on their desks!! Fortunately after a 12 week wait we got our Visa the first time of asking....

    Good Luck

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    Congratulations to you both and thank you for your information.

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    If you use the £75 UK scanning service they will help you put your documents under the bar-coded sheets prior to scanning them in for you. If you scan them in online it gives each category for you to scan them in to.

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    If you go to the option to upload documents (even if you don't want to do so), you will see a list of categories for uploading which match the VFS barcoded sheets. These are:

    TB certificate
    Employment evidence
    Additional documents/others
    Consent letters and proof of relationship
    Appendix II
    Sponsor evidence
    Educational evidence
    Financial evidence

    There is some overlap between the contents of these categories. For example, the category of "Sponsor Evidence" includes "financial document, Sponsor proof of accommodation"; but then there are individual categories for financials and accomodation... Plus of course the barcoded sheets don't naturally fit into the overall two groups as you described.
    We are submitting our documents in a couple of weeks and I worry they will mess everything up, as they did with our last tourist visa submission.

    - - - - - - - u p d a t e d - - - - - - -

    This is a link to the barcoded separator sheets. Different country, but same sheets:

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    Thank for the info.

    We are still confused because our particular application is for an 'unmarried partner' UK Spouse Visa. Do we put our akin to marriage proof in the 'proof of relationship' section, or do we only need to prove we are in a relationship and provide the akin to marriage part in the 'additional documents/others' section?

    Our concern is that the documents wont be seen as a whole body of evidence and maybe one immigration officer will look at 'proof of relationship' in isolation and not in the context of 'additional documents'. If so, which section will be used to scrutinise as being in a a relationship akin to marriage?

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    1. The whole thing will be looked at
    2. The categories are vague so don't worry if it ends up in what might be the "wrong" section.
    3. I would have thought that akin to marriage proof is relevant to proof of relationship.
    4. If you are scanning yourself, no rule that says you can't put the same document in more than one section if it helps complete the story.

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