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    Default Wayne - Nong Ki originally Swadlincote

    Wasn't sure what section to put this in so please move if you feel it should be elsewhere.

    Received sad news yesterday of the passing of an English fella who lives in the village Bhu Krasang , Nong Ki , Buriram
    Wayne fell from his motorbike sometime overnight and was found dead at the scene around 4.30 in the morning. There was no other vehicle involved
    Despite knowing Wayne from my frequent visits to the village, his house is literally 50m from mine, unfortunately I got to know very little about Wayne, other than he was a lorry driver who lived in Swadlincote. Don't even know his surname. I am estimating that he has lived out there around 10 years
    Last time I saw Wayne, 2 years ago, he was talking about his mother, who was in her 90s. Obviously I do not know if she is still alive.
    My big concern is that Wayne split from his Thai wife, Noi, a couple of years ago. She returned to UK and he stayed in Thailand. I have no doubt that she will be aware of what has happened but will she make contact with Wayne's family ? I certainly hope so but really worry that his Mother and any other family won't be aware.

    Not really sure what I want from posting this, maybe someone knows of Wayne, remembers him, knows his family etc etc
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    The normal procedure is for the law enforcement authority to contact the Embassy of a foreign national who dies in foreign country to advise them of the death. In the case of a UK citizen the Embassy will contact the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in the UK who in turn will try to trace the deceased’s family.
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