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    Quote Originally Posted by KhunIanB-UK View Post
    My thanks go to all the rich people and higher rate tax payers that pay a large portion of their tax to mean that I, as a lower rate tax payer now, can still benefit from free services and the NHS that my taxes alone no longer cover. I don't have envy for you, I admire you and respect you.

    I do wish that the NHS surcharge had to be paid by all foreigners settling here though and not just non-EU, that would be a much fairer system.
    Admiration Ian, but do they all admire and respect those on lower incomes (tax rate) like our selves?

    I am actually the chairman for our local parish council, over the last 10 years while I have been a counselor, there has never been a counselor on a higher tax rate in our parish, yet they account for the majority and raise equally as many issues.
    We are not paid, we don't want to be paid, but we do give up our (free) time to try help and solve issue's raised with in our community and spend what little resources we have to make a difference.

    We go that bit further, we give up our free time and get our hands dirty, so we can stretch out our resources. I have not been lucky to take early retirement or work on a 10 day on 10 day bases in the nuclear industry on a decent salary, however, they are my eyes and ears. What would be nice if any or some of them would turn up up to the meetings, instead of just messaging and email me the issues. Then between us all, we can try and address them. I and others who are not contributing the same financially, can and do make it up in other ways.

    When the government first announced they were going to introduce the NHS surcharge in April to 2015 at £200. I thought, yes that is the right way to go instead of hiking up visa fee's every year. But what did they go and do, ILR went from £991 to £1500.

    I would like to see a system where there is balance and fairness and I don't mean just for our partners. It's crazy that people like myself who voted to leave the EU are accused of been against immigration, how wrong you are.

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    Welcome to a Socialist society. . .

    Some will pay more; some will pay less and some will pay nothing. . .

    My main gripe with the NHS surcharge is that whilst I have always contributed (in my opinion) my fair share of tax and National Insurance Contributions over the years, I still had to pay for my wife to use the NHS.

    At the same time there are the “Terminally Unemployed” as I call them (Hull has a lot of them), who actively choose not to work and live a life paid for via the welfare system. These people have contributed very little, if at all to the system yet receive all the benefits. In fact, they receive slightly more as people in this position receive free NHS prescriptions, free dental etc. etc. whilst hard working folk have to pay yet again for these, if it was a level playing field it would be easier to justify in my opinion.

    My opinion is that the whole immigration policy is flawed and appears now aimed to extract the maximum revenue it can, and my recent experiences for the wife’s ILR confirmed it. £2400 for the visa application, £60 for the Biometrics, extra for various time slot appointments, VIP lounges, ~£2.50 per minute phone calls etc. etc. Where does it end if we follow the price increase trajectory that i have witnessed in the past 6 years or so, £4k for visas, £3000 for NHS surcharges for 30 months?

    I do agree the £625 charge is on balance very good value against private health care and don’t begrudge the money being spent on the NHS as it is intended, but realistically how much of it reaches its intended destination?

    Pete & Kob

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