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    Default Bangkok 20th on expat city list.

    I was accused earlier on in the year as being a "Bangkokian" and that I "Love BKK" and I dont "Want to leave" . Which was a bit of a surprise as she would nt normally come out with things like that, however stepping back and looking at the bigger picture, she has a fair point (obviously I did nt say that).
    If my place was up Sathon, Bang Rak, Pahtum Wan or Lumphini I could possibly feel different, we have hired an apartment in Pahtum Wan in the past, where the complex was OK, but step outside straight into the chaos.
    Been traveling to Singapore and Malaysia far longer than coming to Thailand,but was surprised to see Kuala Lumpur in 2nd place, not surprised about Singapore, although locals often complain its boring and nothing to do Number 1 Taipei, I can understand that as the inhabitants of Taiwan take politeness another level.
    But horses for courses, visiting and living in a place can be two different things.
    I feel very privileged to have had the chance of living in BKK and immensely enjoyed doing so, although I do have environmental concerns especially about the PM 2.5 (Particulate Matter) the air pollution is a real factor of concern, the authorities really need to get to grips with it. I can see the "Haze" from my balcony, in the downtown areas.
    bangkok mags

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    I'm sure I read somewhere that living in london the air pollution is equivalent to smoking 150 cigarettes a year.
    Ffp3 masks if it gets bad.
    My first trip to Bangkok years ago I thought it was a good idea to walk in the first heavy down poor of the year and couldnt work out why I was getting odd looks. Turns out that the first rains bring down alot of pollution and in the past people have had bad skin and eye irritations.
    Live and learn.

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    Amazing how my tastes have changed over the years, I think given the choice I'd much rather live in Europe these days. I guess the ultimate for us would be 3 months in Thailand (Chiang Mai would be my preference) and 9 months in Europe - I'd have to reccy where I'd want to live but it would be a toss up Greece, Spain, France, I suspect the reccy would be never ending though :-)

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    My brother lives in Spain and we have been going out two to three times a year. I do not fancy living there for any length of time though Have never stayed in Thailand for more than two weeks either.

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