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    Default NHS [sale to USA]

    Not sure whether this thread should be here but.! I believe that the US wants to buy the NHS. If so what will happen to the ones who's been paying in to the NHS since they left school.? Because it looks like that we will have to pay extra for a private heath scheme

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    I'm afraid this is part of the new age of disinformation, another Brexit-type fake news story peddled by those with a political agenda.

    As far as we know, there are no plans to change access to NHS for the resident population of the UK irrespective of whether the US (or any other potential service provider) seeks to provide health services via the NHS or privately.
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    I think that the powers that be feel factual events are no longer entertaining enough.
    It's as if they prefer to predict the future rather than report facts from the past.

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    The US will not buy the NHS but the many opportunities for litigation may attract a few lawyers

    Corbyn will probably sell the entire country to the communists for a few pence and a few vodka's much more likely
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    Why would anyone want to buy the NHS? It makes no sense or logic. But maybe we could sell those that are managing it?
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    "The figures, revealed in a report by campaign group the NHS Support Federation, undermine repeated government claims that private companies play a small role in NHS care provision".
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