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    Default How to handle your child's desire to ride a motorbike

    Having read this today it reminded me of one of the things that terrifies me as a father of two boys. Nearly every kid I know in Thailand rides a motorbike but to me I'll move every rock I can to ensure my kids never do. Before people say that it's the same everywhere please look at the stats. Compile that with a nation that ignorantly avoids taking any real action against the dire state of driving standards and attitudes in Thailand and you have a recipe for disaster.

    Four of my students from years back were all killed in a collision a few years back and, though I'm not saying who was to blame, they were very straight kids on their way back from university for the weekend.

    Do any members have the same issues or ideas on how they will deal with it when it arises?

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    I really do understand your concern. I haven’t spent that much time in Thailand, over the years it probably adds up to about 6 months. In this time I must have seen 10 motorbike accidents that have definitely killed people. Ask me the same about the UK where I have lived for 28 years and it’s 0.
    My first thought was to do as the fire station chief did when my mum caught me messing about with a fire in the back garden; show them a load of grizzly videos of dead people to scare them off. Trouble is kids have a way of thinking ‘that won’t happen to me’.
    I think in Thailand it’s unlikely you will stop them going on mopeds if they want to go on them

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    I thought Thailand was bad for traffic until we went to Vietnam this year, trying to cross the road is a challenge in its self. It was noticeable, motorcyclists in Vietnam tended to wear helmets, the link below is a video I took in Da Nang of a family trying to cross the road.

    Its not just the lacks of laws and enforcement, its the poor attitude of drivers to other road user's. Also the lack of maintenance to roads is a hazard to motorbikes. So its not only about improving the laws and enforcement, but future road design's and maintenance need to be more forgiving to motorcyclist's.
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    My stepson's 17 year old best friend was killed riding his motorbike home just last week. Just say no.

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