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    RSS Feed British man killed by firework in Thailand

    Local police say the firework exploded as Gary McLaren, 50, tried to light it during New Year celebrations.

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    Default Firework kills Brit on NYE

    I spent one NYE in Pattaya and vowed never again purely because of people setting fireworks off in the streets. Not much more to say really. The assumption would be that alcohol was involved at some point due to the location of the fatality. Even if it wasn't, setting something off in a public area, especially that sort of size, is not going to end in happiness and smiles. I'd welcome a ban on all fireworks unless in organized events and at set times. So would my dogs!

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    The assumption would be that alcohol was involved at some point due to the location of the fatality
    I've seen the video of this going round on one of the Thai facebook pages. Its hard to tell from the video bit he must have been very drunk to do what he did....literally put his head down and looked directly into the opening of the launch tube before it exploded. Apparently he was well known in the MotoGP world (worked for Suzuki etc.) so I guess was an intelligent guy. Must have been out of it.

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