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    Default Question regarding the process and documents required for getting married in Bangkok

    Hi folks

    I am saying thanks in advance.

    I am marrying my Thai girlfriend In March this year in Bangkok. I have read quite a bit about the process and legal documents required and I hoping that maybe someone who has recently married in Thailand may be able to post information explaining everything.

    I have been married before so I understand i have to take my decree absolute to the British Embassy. I have one of these from 2016 but reading the UK Gov site it says I need a copy of this and a letter from the court, so I guess this means I must get a new copy as I have no letter. Any thoughts on this ?

    I also found this link to forms that I need to fill out for the British Embassy.


    It says that you have to type your details on the forms but I cannot do this on the PDF on this link. Does anybody know where I can download a copy that I can type onto. The forms I believe are 'Consular Service Request Form' and 'AFFIRMATION OF MARITAL STATUS'.

    Sorry for so many questions but i don't want to cock it up !



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    Hey Nick,

    For the actual 'Getting Married' side of life the website below was a god send to me......

    I've used this sight many times for information on Settlement Visa's etc, but The Thailand Life sight is well worth a read, especially that particular article about getting married and the required documents you need and depending on your timeframe using the readers comments about which Amphurs are the best and quickest at processing the info for you. I recently married back in June last year and that sight helped me a lot.....well worth a read.....

    Regarding the PDF, I remember I just typed it all out EXACTLY as it was on the example. It looks a bit cheap and simple but that's how they wanted it......Good Luck!!
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    Hi Baz. Thanks so much for this. Seems to be a very good example, i have just read it through. Thanks for the tip on the PDF, i thought I was going crazy because i could not fill it in on my laptop. I right clicked on it and found the properties showing that .Gov had updated it in December 2019 and it is in fact read only according to my Adobe software. I have asked them to send me a copy i can amend but I suspect I will be typing it the same as you. Cheers and thanks again :-)

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