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    Default Visit Visa for wife's 18yo daughter - chances?

    Hi All,

    So I follow enough of the forum threads to have an idea of whats required for a visit visa. However, our situation is a little different so I'm not sure what, if any chance of success we will have with this.

    My wife's daughter recently turned 18yo. She has said she would like to come and visit us for a while (maybe a month or so) before she "starts her life" by going to college/Uni, whatever she plans to do. We have no problem accommodating her. But the main issue I can see is going to be proving sufficient relationship evidence to support her application. The problem is she was effectively (unofficially) adopted by another family close to my wife when she was a kid. So they have basically raised her since she was around 4 or 5 years old. My wife has always been in her life, sends money to help out and we visit them each time we return to Thailand.....but we don't really have anything in black and white to support this. I guess her reason to return would be to continue her education.

    I suppose I'm just looking for thoughts on our chances of success. Are we looking at a non-starter with somewhat limited evidence to back up the application?

    Many Thanks

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    My thoughts are you are probably overthinking this.

    An 18 year old requesting a VV to visit her Mother is very different to the usual applications asked about on here where it’s commonly a short relationship so I doubt a reason to return would be as stringent in your case. Obviously address it but as you know, tell the truth and you don’t need to mention the details of her upbringing.

    You will have a birth certificate in black and white as proof of a relationship, possibly proof of money sent but with the age of the daughter and the fact it is a VV a Khor Por 14 wouldn’t be expected.

    Your wife’s history on visas also shows you don’t abuse the system which is what they’re looking for.

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    A University acceptance letter may help show that she intends to leave the UK.

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