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    Default Next step after initial settlement visa.

    Hi folks
    As some of you are aware, my wife was granted her initial leave to enter the UK in September last year. She arrived on the 3rd of October and has leave to be here until June 2022.
    I know this seems like a long time away but I would like to get an idea of our next steps. Presumably this would be FLR?
    She has the A1 English certificate, would she need to get a higher level for the next application?
    I've already started to collect correspondence to show that we are cohabiting (bank statements, letters from the doctor etc).
    She's working full time so if she needs to do any studying or take exams/tests that would need time off work.
    When can the application be started, and is it done on the same Visa4UK site as the previous applications?
    Thanks in advance
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    The current English requirement for FLR is A2 speaking and listening, its a 7 min interview and is pretty easy to pass, you can prepare and book a test here:

    Keep collecting as much correspondence for both of you and you could also put your wife's name on some utility bills like gas, electric or council tax.

    If your wife arrived in the UK 3 October 2019 then she could apply for FLR from 3 April 2022 to the date of expiry. This will ensure your wife's time qualified to apply for ILR after 60 months in the UK. Do not apply before 3 April 2022.
    Applications are done online at the GOV website:

    Glad to hear she's settled in and working

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    As things stand she could bypass the A2 English and go straight to B1 which as it stands will take her through the whole 5 year route if used for FLR M .
    My wife found it easy and saved a few pounds its the same as A2 15 min conversation how would you get to work for instance ?

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    B1 is not really the same as A2 as the applicant has to pick subjects to talk about but it's not that hard. My wife picked thai food and cooking to talk about, if I remember correctly.

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