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    Default Ten year Thai passport

    My wife's Thai passport expires on the 20th February and I understand that they are introducing a ten year passport soon. Does anybody know when it's being introduced please? To me it doesn't make sense getting a five year passport if a ten is available over the coming few months.

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    it was announced in April 2018, its the 3rd generation of passports with more security features, and middle of the year is bounced around, but don't hold your breath

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    We went to the Thai Embassy for my wife to renew her passport today. She asked about the new ten year Thai passport and they are introducing them in Thailand only, next month.

    Parking is appalling up there and my wife went into the Embassy on her own while I sat in the car and she called me when she was finished. She said the place was bursting at the seams. She was in there for 75 minutes so not too bad.

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    rasg, are you referring to the London embassy ?

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    Yes. The London Embassy. My wife specifically asked when the ten year passports would be available. The answer was on Thailand only from next month.

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