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    Default Name change in wifes documents etc .

    Good afternoon

    Just after abit if advice regarding change of names on my wifes Thai passport, uk residence permit etc .

    Currently we are on our second FLR visa and about to get life in the UK done to go for ILR in September. We were married in the UK in 2014 and lived here since . Due to thinking we can only change her surname in Thailand we have not done so yet , so on her passport residence permit etc her surname is still her maiden name yet some Bill's etc and her psyslips are in her married name (my surname ) we haven't ever had issues when renewing visas etc .

    Is it possible to change it in the UK or does it require it to be done in Thailand as I've read some conflicting info some stateing yes and some saying it can be done in London ?

    I was thinking if it could be done here it mite be good to get it all changed before we apply for her ILR to save having to do it again afterwards and then have to get a new residence permit straight after her new one arrives .

    Any info / advice will be much appreciated , thanks in advance .

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    Hi James it can be done,my wife changed her name last year to meet the requirements of getting her Uk passport renewed.
    Its an expensive and time consuming exercise though(search for relevant threads) and I would imagine it would be easier to do in Thailand.
    Briefly summarised your wife will have to give Power of Attorney (POA) to someone in Thailand to do some of the donkey work in getting the relevant documents to the correct people.Lots of tooing and frowing postal wise ; and the Thai Embassy in London 'need' to see the original house registration book(with the new name change).
    Best bet is to get your wife to contact the Thai Embassy via facebook.They will tell her what's required.
    Good is doable.
    ps was going to post a link with my thread on from last year but all my posts have disappeared from last year!

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