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    Default UK Visa for our niece - what's the chances?

    Hi guys, I was just wondering if you could help or advise me.

    Our niece is applying to come to the UK for a holiday with us for around 7 weeks. My wife is Thai (who has UK citizenship) and I’m a British citizen. Our niece is 15 years old and she is my wife’s brother’s daughter. The intention is that she will be coming during the Thai school holidays (on 15 April and back to Thailand on 30 May). The application therefore is about to be written (the Tourist visa).
    We will be supporting her trip financially and she will be staying with us. From reading the criteria, it seems that we fil the requirements. (6 month bank statements and wage slips which shows that we are comfortable and can support her trip).
    A few questions/comments:
    She will go for an appointment to the UK Visa centre in Bangkok with her parents. There will be a letter from her parents giving her permission to go. They will attend the appointment with her bringing their ID cards, Birth certificate etc. as proof of identity. Anything else to take on their behalf?

    • Our niece has no bank account. Will that go against her application? My wife and I will support her and write a letter confirming this and proof of income etc. Will that be enough?

    • My wife and I have paid for the flight for her already. The reason for this is that we are in Thailand at the time and it would be easier if she comes back with us to the UK on the same flight. Also it will be the first time for her, so naturally it’s better if she comes with us instead of on her own. II know there is no guarantee that her UK visa application will be accepted and it states in the guidelines that ‘you shouldn’t buy the ticket’ before the application is processed. But another reason we bought bit it early, is there is no guarantee that a seat will be available for her on the same flight as us. And it does state a return date for her (30 May) on the e-ticket. If we show them the e-ticket with the application does that help us? Also we will state in the application the reason that we have bought the ticket (as has been just explained). In the guidelines, it doesn’t say categorically we ‘must not buy a ticket before’ , it just says, ‘you shouldn’t buy a ticket’. Will this be okay?

    • We are trying to get a letter of support from the school supporting her application. It seems a very beaurocratic process, so as I write this down now, I’m not sure if we will get one. If she doesn’t get a letter of support, will this count against her? As I said she will come during the Thai school holiday(majority) but will miss 2 weeks of school

    • I have always said honesty is the best policy (!) but I’m unsure if too much information can also count against us. Also, I’m worried if her application will be rejected on a technicality and that they will try and catch us out with our application. We are going into this with a bit of a blind eye. My wife’s mother came over the UK in 2011 and we had no problem there but that was 7 years ago. Are things stricter now? Also is there a difference between a parent coming over as to a niece? Will we have less of a chance of succeeding?

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    We got one for the wifes niece about 3 years back where she came over during school holidays, was fairly straight forward apart from embassy contacting me wanting copy of my passport page before they issued the visa, and the biggest issue was both of them detained at Heathrow and refused entry because different surnames in passport and wife wasn't carry written authorisation from nieces parents to say she could come with. I got a phone call from immigration explaining this at which point i explained that someone on a higher grade than them had already seen the authorisation at the embassy in Bangkok and had issued the visa and that they had both better be on the flight up to Manchester that was leaving in 30 min or i was going to raise hell, they were. I would say yes it is doable but make sure she has a written letter from parents with her as well in case of some over zealous jobs worth pulls the same.

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    Thank you for the advice, that's brilliant. Will note this and ensure I got all of this. Cheers

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    Always have that contact number for yourself or wife my wife got stopped and quizzed on her first time visit to the UK and i got a nice phone call from the officer on duty at Manchester airport .But more than likely you will be allowed to go through UK immigration together with her being a minor .

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    In my opinion you can't supply too much information along as it's not contradictory.
    Giving information that helps build the bigger picture goes along way to giving the clearence officer the confidence to put his or her approval to your application. If you niece does a runner at least the clearence officer has plenty of ammunition to justify to his or her superior why he or she approved the application.
    Just my opinion..
    Wishing you all the luck

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