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    Default Sly visa appointment fee increase by Sopia Steria

    As many of us know, UKVCAS centres for UK visa applications in the UK are contracted out by the Home Office to Sopia Steria.

    Quelle surprise!

    Sopia Steria has just ramped up the cost of a standard appointment from £60.00 to £69.99 at a so-called enhanced (i.e. outside a major city) UKVCAS centre, and from £125 to £135 for a Saturday or "out of hours" appointment.

    Sopia Steria doen't seem to have notified the Home Office of this increase. The Home Office website still says that the standard appointment cost is £60.00.

    The six "core" service points in major cities remain free - but there are long waiting lists for appointments in my neck of the woods.

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    Tom they were investigated last year by the Independent (I think). along with Immigration Visa costs (proved to be profiteering) in general. We have just helped my wife's friends with FLR and when trying to book appointments for them, Sopia Steria web site that appointments during "Normal Office Hours are FREE" outside of this £100 per apt. Their" normal" Office hours are 10am to 4pm even though they have appointments from 8.30am till 7pm. They also say they have NO in hours appointments as they are all booked up months in advance (which i dont believe). We also tried to pay on line but had problems when entering billing details which apparently is a glitch in the system they know about. We ended up ringing them twice at £2.20/minute. ad after going through security Qs took about 6-7 minutes to make payment RIP OFF. Steve

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    Sadly, we find ourselves part of a captive audience. The fees associated with visa applications are a bigger rip off than the burger stands at festivals

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