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    Default ILR Application Bank Statements and Payslips.

    Hi all,

    we are applying for Leks ILR and we are a little worried about what to do about bank statements and Payslips as the application is now online.

    We both receive electronic payslips weekly and monthly Nationwide Statements direct to our personal emails.

    Are these acceptable to upload to the visa site as they are or do we need to print them off and get them stamped by our employers and Nationwide?. then scan them to upload them to the site. Do we each also need a letter from Nationwide to be uploaded to accompany our statements.

    I know we need letters to confirm employment would signed electronic copies be suitable or do they have to be hard copies that we then need to scan and upload.

    many thanks in advance for all your help and advice

    Stevie and Lek

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    Hi Stevie and Lek

    Re: Nationwide online bank statements - yes, you'll need to print them off and get each page stamped by Nationwide or provide a letter from Nationwide to confirm their authenticity. Here's the most recent guidance on this from the Home Office (Appendix FM-SE updated on 2nd January 2020) - see section A1 para 1 (evidence of Financial Requirements under appendix FM):

    1. In relation to evidencing the financial requirements in Appendix FM the following general provisions shall apply:
    1. (a) Bank statements must:

    (i) be from a financial institution regulated by the appropriate regulatory body for the country in which
    that institution is operating.
    (ii) not be from a financial institution on the list of excluded institutions in Appendix P of these rules.
    (iii) in relation to personal bank statements be only in the name of:
    (1) the applicant’s partner, the applicant or both as appropriate; or
    (2) if the applicant is a child the applicant parent’s partner, the applicant’s parent or both as
    appropriate; or
    (3) if the applicant is an adult dependent relative, the applicant’s sponsor or the applicant, unless
    otherwise stated.

    (iv) cover the period(s) specified.
    (v) be: (1) on official bank stationery; or
    (2) electronic bank statements which are either accompanied by a letter from the bank on its headed
    stationery confirming that the documents are authentic or which bear the official stamp of the
    issuing bank on every page.
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    Thank you Tom & Nok

    thats what i thought. I have another couple of questions if anybody can help.

    1 we have asked our employers for letters to confirm our employment like we did for FLR however, my employer has replied with this

    "I’ve spoken with our compliance team and they have confirmed that we would require a letter from the Home Office requesting this information.I believe they may have a specific document they send out?"

    Is this correct?

    2 I have only been working for my employer since June 2019 prior to this i was on long term sick on benefits (universal credit etc) I work part time sometimes only 1-2 days a week due to ongoing health probs.. There is question on the application that asks what is the salary for this year, is that to date or do i have to work out for the whole year till April. My weekly wage fluctuates from week to week depending on how many patients I've seen. and mileage. so what do i declare there?

    3 It also states that I alneed to get a letter from hospital consultant re my conditions but the trouble is i dont see a consultant as I am managed by my GP and Specialist nurse as most diabetics are. This letter is for the reasons my wife wants to stay in UK or should i just not mention it?.

    Many thanks


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