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    Default Schengen for the Netherlands

    Hi Folks. I'm a British citizen and my Thai wife is here with me on a settlement visa. We would like to visit some friends in the Netherlands for 4 or 5 days. Where can I apply for a visa for her?

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    This isn't going to help you I know, but I will be following this thread with great interest. I'm British and my Thai Wife has a settlement visa (BRP Card). My wife is with me here in the Netherlands as I work for NATO and she I allowed to accompany me. We have travelled to the Netherlands from Harwich to Hook of Holland and also through France (Dunkirk), we have always presented her BRP, along with her passport, but we also present an extra piece of paper (Long story, work related).

    You would like to think that now she has a BRP card that she can have access to mainland Europe without any issues.....I may well face the same problems in the future if we want to go on holiday to Portugal, Spain, Italy etc. having to apply for a Schengen just for a holiday seems like a real 'balls ache' to me. We've had two Schengens previously when she came to stay with me in the Netherlands before we were married, which was great as she had access and freedom of movement throughout mainland Europe for our road trips....

    Even more interesting when we pull out tomorrow how everything will be affected.....

    If you do eventually have to apply for a Schengen then feel free to ask me for assistance if you need it, although after navigating around a Settlement visa, it should be a piece of cake...and a lot cheaper!!

    Good Luck

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    Do the rules change tomorrow ?
    There has not been much info regarding our non Eu wife's after Brexit and how it will affect these kind of trips .

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    As far as I am aware, everything is the same until we leave permanently at the end of this year.

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