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    Default Returning to UK with Thai wife and British/Thai child

    Hi everyone, this summer I will be starting the long process of returning permanently to UK with my wife and child. (I am a British citizen). We have been in Thailand for 15 years so I have no UK residence or bank account. As such I know I wont be able to get my wife a settlement visa until I have somewhere to live and 6 months worth of income slips. However I need my wife to be with me at the beginning to help settle my son into school as i will be working.

    My intention is to apply for a tourist visa for her so that she can stay for 6 months then return to Thailand to apply for the settlement visa. My dad can sponsor her financially and in terms of accommodation but she would need to go separately from my son and I as Dad now only has a two bedroom bungalow so couldn't accommodate all of us according to the rules.

    Does this scenario sound plausible? Will my wife get asked awkward questions at UK Border by immigration? Has anyone else tried this kind of approach?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    If you decide to go this route, first thing I would say is do not apply for 6 months, it will more than likely be rejected.
    Apply for 2 or 3 weeks, and who knows, once in the UK plans may change and she stays longer, it will only need an explanation if applying for another visit visa in the future but won't be of concern if applying for Settlement.

    Is your son a British citizen?
    I assume from your text that he is as you say he will be settling in to a school, which could not be the case if he weren't.
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