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    RSS Feed Future Forward: Thai pro-democracy party dissolved over loan

    The constitutional court rules a loan to Future Forward from its businessman founder was illegal.

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    This is a blatant attempt by the Elite through their nominees in the Electoral Commission to once again thwart the democratic process by banning inconvenient opposition. They feel that have subjugated the working classes representatives in Puea Thai but Future Forward represented the Bangkok middle class and that threat was seen as too close to home. A sad day for Thailand.

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    In Thailand the most corrupt win supreme. SHOCK Horror...Gasppppp How can you say such a thing!!! It's as much a part of culture as spicy grub. The fact people still take offence to it kind of sums up the fact that dishonesty wins in equal measures. I'm no expert on the Future Forwards, they sound like a spin off of Roy of the Rovers, but I'm guessing they represent the voice of those opposing General Mugshot. My biggest reason for ousting him is what kind of deals he has in plan with China. Cambodia pretty much sold Sinoukeville to them and I can honestly see Uncle Kindness doing the exact same.

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