Have to say, I’ve found the new online application so easy and straight forward. I rattled the online application off in 20 minutes.

Paid the fee of £2408.20 and I was then emailed a link to the UKVACS site to upload our documents.

After paying their fee of £69.99, it took me about 6 hours (including cigarette and coffee breaks) to scan and upload all our documents.

Today (26/2/20) we attended our Biometric appointment at Newcastle City Library, which was the earliest appointment we could get after submitting the application on 02/02/20.

The appointment lasted about 15 minutes. Basically she took my wife’s finger prints, her photo and scanned her passport. As I’d already upload everything from home, she checked them and said there was nothing more to do. Then she asked if I was happy with everything and ready to submit the application.

Note: if your wife spends 2 hours doing her hair to look beautiful for the photo, she will be told to tye it back out of her face for the photo. They provide hair bands if you don’t take your own