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    Default NHS Surcharge to rise

    The NHS surcharge will rise to £624 pa in October. £470 for kids. Migrants from the EU will pay the same after we are out of the EU in 2021.

    Thinking about the number of times my wife has used the NHS since she came here, I think it's still a bargain. This is probably not a 100% accurate list but it's close. An ambulance call out - 1. Smear tests - 2. Blood tests - 9. Doctor's visits - 6. Urgent care visit - 1. Xrays - 2. NHS dentist checkup - 3. Dental treatment - 2

    I wonder what that lot would have cost privately?

    My wife is on her final FLR before ILR next December. I'm glad we have escaped it though.

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    8 Oct 2014


    I’m lucky we only had to pay it once. There was no surcharge when my wife got her initial settlement visa. We had to pay it for her FLR @ £200 p.a and we just applied for ILR at the beginning of February

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    My wife works and I work so we are paying at least twice (three times if you think only one member of an household should pay tax - I dont) for this service apalling!!!

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    I agree it is a bargain just hope the misses gets her ILR this year or i might have a rethink ,only joking its like joining a raffle half way through ..I remember play your cards right down the local when the pot got big a lot of strangers turned up the landlord did not give a care ..very annoyed regulars i can say .

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