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    Default Wife laid off from seasonal work waiting ILR decision can she claim benefits.

    Hi all

    My wife has been laid off for this year from her job in a chocolate factory that makes and packs your Easter eggs for the large companies. The work is seasonal Usually August to Easter but this year they have laid them early march. Then normally she returns to Thailand for a couple of months but due to the virus cant at the moment.

    Currently we are waiting for a decision for her ILR application submitted Feb 27th. she has been told she can apply for benefits is this correct. But I dont think she is.

    I get some UC, small pension and work 1-2 days due to limited capability to work however i cannot work or work from home at the moment because of my job, and my health conditions makes me more susceptible to contracting the virus.

    any advice is most welcome

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    Who has told her she can get universal credit? Surely the no recourse to public funds would apply until the day she receives her ilr approval?

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    Poor show from her employer, she could have been furloughed and the company could claim the cost from HMG.

    She is not entitled to Universal Credit, however there has been a change in your circumstances (the loss of your wife's income which would have been considered when you applied for UC) so perhaps you should advice the DfWP of your change in circumstances to see if you are entitled to additional payment.
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