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    Whilst we are still waiting for the Government to publish its Statutory Instrument with all the legal provisions relating to the 14 day self-isolation for those entering the UK from abroad, the Government has published its guidance on those who will be exempt from the new UK border rules (self-isolation and reporting).

    For the average Joe, there is no exemption (including UK citizens and residents) to the reporting and 14-day self-isolation requirements. This applies to all except for very limited and specific individuals who are travelling for a specific purpose.

    The new rules will not apply to those arriving from Ireland, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man.

    More info here:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Samsung View Post
    Well if this would have been normal season the Tories would have just committed suicide with this ,,but the opposition is limited due to covid 19 how to abuse your power ,,
    A reminder ,,,remember Boris borrowed votes that is all they was .
    Big gamble this on how to push a contact tracing app through it will not work ..old school are getting fed up up and will just throw there phones in the bin trust me when i retire its the first thing i get rid of .Big Brother Big Brother .
    But then again money to be earned ferry service France to Dover £1000 per customer maximum of 50 per dingy =Thats £50,000 for a one way trip ..
    the customer gets free NHS check up, free dental check up,vouchers to shop at Morrison to the value of £30 per person and each qualifying child up to a maximum of £250 per week ,,also free accommodation at any 4 star plus hotel because no one is using them .just isolate for 2 weeks we are not interested if you have not got a visa and are breaking the UK law .Do not worry just say me no speak English you be OK as long as no other state in the world has your fingerprints ,facial recognition and eye retinal scanner you will be fine ,
    Yes as Trump says your invasion or i would say criminals .
    The Thais would not mess about if you was illegal and had no rights to be there .Unless you had big pockets .
    This will come back to haunt them or are they confident enough young can not live with out there mobile we have had a thread on this last year mobile use .
    By the way from what i have observed is they the government have not much time left to push what they want the public will decide with there feet like i am witnessing as days go on .

    - - - - - - - u p d a t e d - - - - - - -

    glad we cleared that up ..It is hard to write something .I suppose it takes a knack to express yourself and sometimes i write how i would speak .I am looking at connections why some are bad some are not .IE the UK to Thailand am i missing something here .Thailand and Vietnam,Cambodia are not 3rd world ,have a better health system ,or just do not report deaths and just get on with life to a extent .
    Strange one this .Or for a conspiracy there all grow rice for china .

    I enjoy reading some of your posts even if I don't agree with everything. Variety is the spice of life and all that and forums need personalities so keep on trucking Samsung.

    I plan on hacking my phone to bits when I get the opportunity, not out of fear of BB but more because I find the damned thing an infringement on my personal life. When I was growing up you made a date and kept to it not texting five minutes before the time saying you're not going to make it. My missus and her family seem to think I may have fell under a bus if I don't reply to the oh so vital question..What are you going to have for lunch? I'm a grumpy git to most for being this way but I feel at ease when my mid-drift isn't vibrating every five minutes. There's nout like being interrupted with a message only to find a picture of a sandwich staring right back at you or one of those loaves of bread filled with ice cream and cinnamon sticks.

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