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Thread: Smelly Kitchen

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    55555 same with my wife and yes she does angrily deny having too much stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by walshie View Post
    It's amazing the things we get into arguments about. Sisaket, your reply is so similar to my own situation except I made the bloody wardrobes!! I can't help but wonder if your wife also angrily denies having too many clothes & accessories...
    Its not just the wardrobes its the drawers and what was meant to be 50/50 under the bed and as for the drawers under the TV the top draw is shared, my items would be the ones with wires all tidy, the bigger one under that was shared until I just gave up, now its rammed with cosmetics and god knows what else, but yes she has far too many clothes and stuff, stuff that just appears, but she wont get angry as such, because she studies behaviour modification and would see that as a failure although when I complain about having too much stuff / junk she does deny it.
    As things stand she currently has clothes / stuff / junk in Bangkok, Surin, Cumbria and Seoul (Korea) but does nt think she has too much
    bangkok mags

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    I read some of these to my wife and whilst smiling she said " Why you marry Thai wife"!
    She has a large container of fish sauce fermenting outside under the kids trampoline and says if she keeps it for a year it will taste much better!

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