Forgot to do my 90 day report online, so physically had to go and do it, went to Chaengwattana Government Immigration Complex, only to be told to go to the Temporary Visa Extension Center in Muang Thong Thani / Pak Kret (Nonthaburi Province)I did ask at the center if this is permanent or temporary and the officer did nt know.
The location is behind the Thunder Dome (indoor area) which is next to SCG Stadium (Muang Thong United) so not far from IMPACT Challenger, after the 90 report we went to Cosmo Bazaar (shopping centre) for some grub, anyone not knowing the area, there is a mini bus station in Cosmo Bazaar where you can get transport to various locations including the BTS and Victory Monument etc,although we did nt use it today.
90 Day report.jpg
Temp Visa Extension Center.