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    Default Notarizing Degree (Again)

    I have had my degree notarized by the British Embassy in BKK in 2016. I also had it done by a UK solicitor in 2017. I have been told, incredulously, that it needs to be notarized yet again.

    Is there a way of getting this done via the post to BKK, as before, or even an appointment somewhere?

    I have been told by the Consulate to send it to the embasy in BKK, and then told that there is no embassy in BKK, and then again that there is a service available in the Australian embassy....

    After doing some research I discovered a thread whereby I have to send it all back to the UK to be notarized and then sent to the Thai embassy in London before having it sent back to me. I won't repeat the response I gave.

    My school are giving me different responses to take next and all I want is the official procedure on how to get the embassy to validate my degree so I can get the second seal of approval from the Thai consulate and then my Non-Im B.

    Any ideas or service providers in Pattaya that can assist would be greatly appreciated.

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    Is still going? You'll probably get a quicker response there I'd imagine.

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