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    Default Advice on Appendix 2 VAF4A

    Hi guys

    I wonder if anybody may know the answer to a couple of questions. I am filling out the Appendix 2 form and Part 3E asks about pensions but has only one box to enter them . I have actually 2 pensions from employment and investment... Do I combine these and put them into this box, there does not seem to be additional boxes for multiple pensions.

    They are also asking for my DWP reference number which I cannot find and the Department of Work and Pensions are not taking calls at the moment. Do you get this number when you recieve your state pension? The only reference number have is my UTR (Unique Tax Reference) number which I use to submit my tax returns

    Any help from those with experience would be most grateful


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    From what I remember from a couple of years ago..I have 4 pensions so I added the other 3 on an extra sheet of paper...This was when you filled out the form by hand..and of course I included the p60s etc further on..

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